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Hydrogen safety for first responders

About This Course

The main objectives of the educational materials are to stress the specificities of hydrogen as a new energy carrier during its production, transport, delivery and use; to teach First Responders about the potential risks and hazards of hydrogen compared to traditional fuels (natural gas, petrol, propane, etc.); and to introduce First Responders to new FCH systems, infrastructures, associated risks, accident and incident scenarios and RCS.

Course content

  • Introduction to hydrogen and FC applications
  • Hydrogen properties relevant to safety
  • Safety of hydrogen storage
  • Harm criteria for people and environment, damage criteria for structures and equipment
  • Unignited hydrogen releases, their prevention and mitigation
  • Sources of hydrogen ignition and prevention measures
  • Hydrogen fires
  • Dealing with hydrogen explosions
  • Hazards of hydrogen use indoors
  • Emergency response guide
  • Case studies: intervention strategy and tactics
  • Operational training
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