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New biogas and hydrogen technologies


How will the world meet the energy demands of future generations? And how can Air Liquide contribute? If you have been asking yourself these questions, then this MOOC is for you. This MOOC focuses on biogas and hydrogen technologies, part of the solutions Air Liquide offers for clean transportation, that may help solve some of the world’s biggest energy challenges.

The course aims to provide participants with a dual techno-oriented and business-oriented perspective on the issues at play in the development of these energy technologies. It also explores the contributions of key regional and international market players in the transition to more-sustainable energy technologies.

This MOOC on New Biogas and Hydrogen Technologies, will allow participants to:

  • Learn how to analyze and evaluate biogas and hydrogen technologies and innovations and explore their impact in the energy sector.
  • Discover the market organization and the main actors of these two topics.
  • Contribute to social exchange and global awareness of the “energy transition” and these energy technologies’ impact.
  • Partners

    Originally, the biogas and hydrogen contents you are about to discover were part of the "New Energy Technologies" MOOC which counted 6 chapters: 1) Energy efficiency, 2) Solar, 3) Hydropower, 4) Biogas, 5) Hydrogen, and 6) Smart grids. This global MOOC (the first version of which went online in March and April 2016), was developed through the joint and collaborative efforts of several actors present in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in France.

  • The coordination was managed by the two leading French “Grandes Ecoles” (Grenoble Ecole de Management and Grenoble INP), and Tenerrdis, the French leading energy cluster which gathers 200 energy firms and RD labs.
  • This MOOC was also made possible through the cooperation and generous financial support of Air Liquide advanced Business and Technologies as a major industry leader in the global energy market.
  • The program was supported by the French Government, as part of the Investissement d’Avenir funding initiative IRT Nano Elec.

    Course Staff

    Course Staff Image #1

    Anne-Lorène VERNAY

    Anne-Lorène Vernay was awarded, in 2008, a master in industrial ecology from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in innovation studies from Delft University of Technology which she defended in 2013. In Septembre 2013 she joinded Grenoble Ecole de Management as a postdoc. Her research focuses on the strategy of energy firm in the face of the ongoing energy transition. She teaches strategic management and management of technology.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Mathieu LEFEBVRE

    Mathieu LEFEBVRE is General Manager WAGA-ENERGY

    Course Staff Image #2

    Lucille CADIC

    Lucille CADIC is Biogas Product Manager for Air Liquide Industrial Solutions

    Course Staff Image #2

    René MOLETTA

    René MOLETTA retired from the National Institute of Agronomical Research (INRA). He is chairman of "Moletta méthanisation" a consultancy company on anaerobic digestion.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Valérie BORRONI

    Valérie BORRONI is project manager in Rhônalpénergie-Environnement and an expert on biomass.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Delphine GARNAUD

    Delphine GARNAUD is Biogas business developer within Air Liquide advanced Business and Technologies Europe.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Ingrid MILCENT

    Ingrid MILCENT is in charge of Innovation and Partnerships and International Relations within Tenerrdis Energy Cluster.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Yann BULTEL

    Prof. Dr. Yann Bultel, electrochemical engineer, graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology in 1997. He has been working for Grenoble Institute of Technology since 1998 in the Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physicochemistry of Materials and Interfaces (LEPMI).

    Course Staff Image #2

    Françoise BARBIER

    Research and Development Program Director for Hydrogen Energy, Air Liquide.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Thibault FRANCOIS

    Manager for Hydrogen Charging Stations in Air Liquide Industrial Solutions. He is also a local expert in high pressure compressors.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Eric CLAUDE

    Eric CLAUDE, PhD. Is Innovation Director at Axane, new markets and applications for Axane Fuel Cell stacks and systems. Electrochemistry International Senior Expert at Air Liquide.

    Course Staff Image #2

    Thierry PRIEM

    Thierry PRIEM, PhD, is Scientific Director at CEA/LITEN (Grenoble, France). He is also vice-chair for the Transport Pillar at the Research Grouping N.ERGHY of the FCH-JU

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